Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rainbow Noodles

Sometimes, when it's grey and gloomy outside, a little colour inside can brighten the day!

Coloured noodles were always fasinating to me as a child, "the pasta at my house doesn't look like that" I'd think to myself.  Although most of us as Educators have been taught not to use food as art items, my personal philosophy/opinions sometimes bend the rules. 

Making coloured pasta is extremely easy and there is NO need to use rubbing alcohol as some recipes suggest.

You'll Need:
~ Noodles of various shapes
~ Liquid food colouring....and lots of it!
~ Baggie or container with a tight seal
~ Newspaper
~ Table or large drying area
~ Rubber gloves

How To:
1) Spread out newspaper on table or drying area
2) Fill baggie or container 3/4 full with noodles (fyi - this is a great way to learn the actual names of the noodles)
3) Add 2 (or more) Tablespoons of liquid food colour to the baggie or container and SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE!!!  Mix and mingle colours to see what does one make black and lime green?
4) Wearing your rubber gloves, spread noodles out on the newspaper, turning once (possibly twice) to evenly dry.
5) Make necklaces, create collages, play sorting games and if you feel adventurous, boil and eat them!

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as "my" children have!
Until You Read Again......

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