Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hop till you Drop!

Sweep the sidewalk, dust the concrete, it's time for Hopscotch!
This game is enjoyed by young and old and everyone in between!  My Noni (Grandmother) used to recall to me stories of her playing hopscotch when she was a little girl growing up in Italy.  "I was the queen!" she'd say proudly. 
The basic hopscotch grid is similar to the one in the picture; set of squares or rectangles numbered 1 through 10.  The player(s) will need a small stone, bottle top, button, something to clearly mark their spot. 

How To Play:

Version #1 > The player tosses the marker to land on a number.  The player then hops on one foot onto the grid, starting at 1 and making it all the way to 10 without jumping on the number the marker is on.  The player then turns around and comes back through the grid, stopping to pick up the marker.  If a player touches the grid border, their turn is done and must line up to begin again.

Version #2 > Similar to version #1 except that the player must begin with the marker tossed to #1...then #2...then #3...etc.  until they've made it to 10.  The first player to make it to 10 first wins!

Version #3 > i'm not overly familiar with the complete rules for this. It involves different foot positions, through each round (ie- round one; hop on two feet -round two hop on one foot and so on)

The grid itself has taken on many forms, from the ladder type (squares of numbers all the way up), to the traditional I just spoke of.  I have also come across the snail shell, the serpentine and the checker board (pix to follow).  **having diffiuculty finding the right moment to take pix....apologies**

CHALLENGE:  I challenge everyone to come up with their own designs for a hopscotch grid and give it a name.  Educators, please take pictures to share so others could try them out too!

Happy Hopping!
Until You Read Again......

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