Friday, June 10, 2011

Boiling Over

I've just finished a 2 day workshop revolving around Natural playgrounds and Natural curriculum....A full post will follow(probably on Sunday).  But as I sat there listening, watching, chatting and doing, my brain began churning out ideas and my idea book quickly began filling up and now I feel like a pot boiling over.  SO, in order to alleviate the brain clutter, I'm going to be pouring out maaaaany activity ideas and conversation pieces.  Remember, if you have anything to share with the Collective please let me know. 
One of the things I spoke with other Educators about is that we don't always get to network with other Educators outside of our Centres (time, distance, etc.), and that's why I think that a blog like this is really important. 
Challenge: Network with a group of Educators from other Centres......go for tea & coffee, set up a make and take night, or maybe a potluck supper!?

Until You Read Again.....

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