Thursday, May 12, 2011

School-Age Needs

When setting up a (After)School-Age program or in reviewing the needs of an existing program, it is helpful to find criteria that shows us (the Educators), Directors and a Board of Directors what the standards of practice are. 
In talking with many Educators, it seems that After-School programs are being held in hallways, side rooms, locker rooms, or community rooms.  Although we can be resourceful with the space(s) we are given (hooray for us!), what message does this send to the children?  How do they feel about being corralled into small spaces, or being unable to continuously work on a project?  I'm not stating that this is the truth for all programs, however, everyone should be made aware of the needs of the children in an School-age program.  In the past, I have encouraged my school-agers to be proactive and write letters to Board of Directors/Directors talking about what they think is needed in the program and how they feel about the current program. The following are links with information regarding School-age programming:
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